My Buggy My Car API Reference

Welcome to the My Buggy My Car API reference. This site provides details of the queries and responses available from the My Buggy My Car API.


My Buggy My Car is the only website to provide tools to find if a buggy will fit in a car. But now we're providing our data for all to use - and you're not restricted to buggies!
If you want to provide assurances to your customers that your products or their items will fit in their car boot, this API can help to provide that.
We offer a 30-day free trial to test the API and build your solution. Some of the returned results are limited to a small number of the datasets until your paid subscription starts, however, the functionality remains the same regardless of your trial or full subscription so you can build your code with confidence. To start your free trial, please sign up here.

Some important notes

The data available is for cars and buggies available for sale in the United Kingdom. It's possible that the same cars and buggies are available globally, however, we're not yet in a position to confirm this, and therefore if you're looking to use these tools outside of the UK, we'd suggest you add some clarification to your implementation for your customers.
It's also important to highlight that this API is an advisory service. Car Boots are not perfect square boxes; rear seats reduce the space between the bottom and the top of the boot, the sides frequently have to accommodate space for the rear wheels and there are pockets and compartments that manufacturers provide to maximise the storage and flexibility of a boot. As such, there is an element of subjectivity to our data captures as we measure what we believe to be the narrowest, but most usable space within a boot.

Using your quota

Each subscription comes with an allowable number of queries you can perform each month. We like to offer the best value for the number of queries and so if you submit an invalid/incomplete query and an error is returned, this will not count against your quota. Additionally, if we haven't measured a specified car boot, this also won't count against your quota. There are some queries that are also provided without charge and we've indicated in the documentation where a charge applies against your quota
Last modified 2yr ago